Vienna – Budapest New Year's Concert with the Danubia Orchestra

Erkel Színház - 2025.. January 04 (19:30)

With the intention of establishing a tradition, we are launching for the first time in 2025 our New Year's concert-show. Blending the most noble Viennese New Year traditions with exciting innovations already familiar from the Danubia, it will become one of the city's most extraordinary New Year events, where we welcome all our guests with a glass of champagne, the beautiful waltz music of Johann Strauss and Richard Strauss, and the internationally acclaimed diva, Andrea Rost. There will be dance, song, merriment, and the highest level of music – let's start the new year together!


Glinka: Ruszlán és Ludmilla – nyitány

Johann Strauss: Császár keringő, op. 437

Richard Strauss: A rózsalovag – szvit


Johann Strauss: Kék Duna keringő

Johann Strauss: Banditák-galopp

Johann Strauss: Anna polka

Josef Strauss: Ohne Sorgen

Josef Strauss: Szférák zenéje – keringő, op. 235

Lehár: Giuditta - Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiss

Kálmán: Höre ich Zigeunergeigen